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Wire Alarming Controlling Host System

Wire alarming controlling host system in the 8th defense area
16way LED bearing indication, separate set and unset defense in each defense area with the alarm for interface's open and close. 
Can set 6 groups alarm phone numbers and 2 groups alarm center phone numbers, when alarm is activated, it will dialing there numbers in cycle.
With remote control function, can connect external siren, remote monitor on-site alarm, trigger on-site siren.
Record recent 100 alarm event information, can check at any time.
High speed digital communication, compatible with ADEMCO, CONTACT ID
Function of anti-removing alarming that offers one set of permanent open and close, contact and DC 12V output                                                              
Working volt:  AC110V or 220V DC12V
Output Volt: DC12-15V 300mA
Alarming sound: 90dB
cable run distance:≥800M
Dimensions: 30*22*6cm 
Apply to the factories, enterprises, school and other places