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3-10KM distance wireless receiving host system

Receiving host's system for microcomputer wireless alarming
16 defense area and automatic code paring, with separately set and unset defense area function in each area.
2 groups automatic arm and disarm, 3 types alarming sounds, 4th level alarming sound adjustable.
The alarming supply a set of normally open and closed contacts, and 2 groups DC12V output. 
Record recent 100 alarm event information, can check at any time.
Add phone dialing function, pre-reserved 6 group phone numbers, including 2 group police center connection numbers and ADEMCO CONTACT ID compatible.
10 seconds recording for automatic play of the reserved voices, automatically play when connects to the police.                    
Working volt: AC110V or 220V DC12V
Alarming sound: 90dB
Wireless frequency: 315MHz
Wireless distance: 3-10KM (Open land)    
Dimensions: 30*22*6cm
Apply to the factories, enterprises, school and other places