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Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm with LCD Display

Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector, with LCD Display
Product NO: GX-521W
Main Feature:
SMT manufacture technology, high stability
Wireless Function
Auto reset
Malfunction auto-check indicator
MCU processing
High reliability FLGARO electrochemical sensor
Ceiling installation or wall installation
Execute criterion: GB15322.5-2003

Technical specification:
Gas species: CO  
Operating volt: DC3V (2x1.5V AA alkaline batteries)
Static current: ≤10uA
Alarm current: ≤20mA
Alarm level:   30 ppm, alarm within 120minutes
                 50 ppm, alarm within 60-90minutes
                 100 ppm, alarm within 10-40minutes
                 300 ppm, alarm within 3minutes
Alarm output: Sound & LED Flash alarm
Working environment : -10℃~+50℃ (≤95%RH ) 
Dimensions: φ115*40mm